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Features of a circular sawblade
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In order to obtain a high quality blade, three things need to be taken into account: the raw
materials, the applied technology and the care used in constructing it. A circular blade
is composed of a steel body (blade plate) and cutting parts in hard metal (teeth) which
are welded to it.
Only hot rolled steel is used for the production of Flai circular blades. The sawblade
structure does not undergo hardening, thus keeping it ductile and resistant so
as to provide a stable, resistant blade body. The technology used for shaping the
sawblade plates is laser cutting. On the plates of all FLAI blades, there are expansion
that make it possible to absorb deformations due to centrifugal force and due
to increased steel temperature. To reduce noise pollution in the workplace, due to
rotation and vibration of the blade, FLAI has come up with original inlays which,
placed inside the plate and completely filled with a special sound-absorbing material.
On the blade plate there are also the original antikick-back shoulder device limits
the possibility of kickbacks due to overfeeding or loose knots in the material to be
cut in the workpiece. All Flai sawblades are balanced, straightened and tensioned.
The most important part of a circular blade, since it is a cutting tool, is the cutting edge.
Cooperation with one of the worldwide leaders in hard metals, CERATIZIT S.A.
- Luxembourg, allow FLAI to use, in some cases on an exclusive basis, products with no
peers on the market. All of the cutting parts are welded to the FLAI sawblades by brazing
with the aid of robotic systems that ensure high production levels of impeccable
qualità. The weld material used for brazing of the carbide tips to the steel body is
a tri-metallic alloy. Sharpening is one of the most important process in the entire production
cycle. The use of diamond grinding wheels with extra-fine grain, along with a special
working process, allows cutting parts to be obtained that have a roughness of less than 0.2µm.
For special applications, FLAI blades are covered with special products that are structured
so as to resolve some of the problems caused by the type of material used.
Our coverings include:
FlaiArmor: used on blades for cutting natural woods where good sliding is indispensable;
CromoDuro: used on blades for sectioning machines where abrasion is the
greatest problem;
MetalGear: used on blades for cutting steel.
To allow our clients to fully appreciate the quality of FLAI blades, we have
created packaging that protects the blades against impacts caused by being dropped
during transport and which can be used for storage when not in use. There are
2 types of packaging. One is for the industrial line of blades and the other is
for portable machines, but both packaging types clearly identify the type
of blades they contain